Unplanned overdraft fees

    Anyone know what is hould do just got an unplanned overdraft fee, that they said i may get as i went over my overdrawn limit(For one day) and they have now charged it, which has now meant i have gone over my overdraft again, which i assume they will charge me for at the end of the month again.

    I know you can claim fees back somehow but how do i start? What to do?


    This happens to me a lot,what i do is phone up and say i pay £XXXX this amount into your bank each month and i always get it refunded:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    ok cool supposed to be paid tomorrow as well

    get an agreed overdraft, I did and rarley use it but it sure is usefull to know its there. dont know if they charge now but I think mine was £10 to set up, that was years ago :thumbsup:

    They will charge you again for going overdrawn again.
    If you ring them and ask they may refund your charges. If it the first time its happened you have more of a chance.
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