Unreadable Xbox360 Quake 4 Game

Found 29th Jun 2007
I bought Quake 4 brand new with my 360 about 3 months ago.
Came home the other day and found the disc half in/out trapped in the dvd tray.
My son (2) had obviously been playing with it. (partly my fault as I had left it in the machine, I dont anymore!)
Anyway, it has a small crack and a couple of minor scratches on the surface, but it comes up with a disc error and wont play.
Any ideas if it is possible to get it repaired, or what else I can do besides buy a new disc?




You can always try getting the disc cleaned at Blockbuster or Choices to see if that works. They don't charge if they can't fix it. If they do it's only about £3. :thumbsup:

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[SIZE=2]mmm, worth a try, but it is cracked aswell.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2](thanks Syzable, you are a good help tonight!)[/SIZE]



[SIZE=2]mmm, worth a try, but it is cracked aswell.[/SIZE][SIZE=2](thanks … [SIZE=2]mmm, worth a try, but it is cracked aswell.[/SIZE][SIZE=2](thanks Syzable, you are a good help tonight!)[/SIZE]

No problem.

If its got a crack,i doubt it can be repaired

I once put a cracked CD into my pc,and eventully it shattered in my cd drive

Where abouts is the crack?

Its its on the inner circle and is small it might just work.

Chances are it won't though, If blockbuster don't charge if they can't fix it i'd try that, Prolly the best bet.

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the crack is on the outside edge about 5mm long.
I'll try Blockbuster.


same thing happened with my Gears of war dvd tray didn't open.

Well i got it out by press the secret eject hole

and it made a big round scratch around the disc

DIdnt work

Cleaned it with tissue and worked

I mean i rubbed it REALLY HARD with alot of presure on the disc

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Yea, I cleaned the scratches off with a little T-cut (found out about using it by Google'ing)
actually did a very good job, didn't leave loads of fine scratches which I thought it would, and got rid of some nasty scratches completely. Anyway, I think this would've worked was it not for the crack.
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