Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha Season - FREE (The *NEW* Unreal Tournament)

Posted 13th Dec 2019
As a massive fan of Unreal Tournament back in 1999, I spent years of my life playing it.. amazing to finally download the re-made version which is currently free to play... includes new maps and some classic maps such as Facing Worlds.

Download and play for free the new Unreal Tournament from Epic Games.

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Does anyone even play this? Epic completely abandoned it for Fortnite..
yeah sorry, its been abandoned..’dunno how I never knew about it until today. Had a quick play of it and its nowhere near UT99....
This game was so good until it was abandoned. Still quite easy to make a lobby and play with friends and a few hubs online that are decently active. I mainly played instagib anyways. Hope they start development on the game again, but very unlikely for the foreseeable future.
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