Unreal whaaaaa?

    My dad got Unreal The Awakening from some where or other, and seems to think that the way it ended indicates the next game will be the continuation of the story and would like it...the trouble is he doesn't know what it's called and my searching to try find out has only served to confuse me.

    Unreal Tournament?
    Unreal The Avenged?
    Unreal 2004?

    I don't bloody know. So can any one who has followed the games let me know if a) there is a follow up to it and b) which one is it?

    Thanks in advance


    I don't think there is one, Unreal Tourament was the first of the multiplayer UTs, UT2004 is the second last in this series and I can't find Unreal - The Avenged, the only references I can find for it are for a pirate group called avenged releasing UT3 (which is the most recent multiplayer version)


    Just a heads up...I used to play UT,UT2 years ago,and I downloaded a demo of the new version the other day with free multiplayer maps online! I have been playing everyday just to relieve some winter tension! Great! Say hello if you download it anyone - Rehydrated :thumbsup:


    Like johnmcl7 says avenged is just a group that released the pirate copy of unreal tournamnet 3.

    Unreal Championship
    Unreal Championship2
    Unreal Tournament
    UT 2003
    UT 2004
    Unreal Tournament 3

    Here ya go:


    The original "unreal" was the only game I ever really got hooked on - and actually managed to complete. A very atmospheric game. Pretty much apart from that, Ive not bothered.

    Cant help with the OP question (which has now been answered anyway) - but just a thumbs up for the game!!!
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