Unscrupulous high street store/any sites or bloggers interested in the story?

    Just wondering if any body knew of any websites that deal with reporting on such issues
    I have comprehensive details that i am sure somebody would be interested in as this a fairly well known high street shop throughout England breaking trading standards regulations and the law.

    If anyone knows of possible websites/blogs that report on such issues that would be most useful


    Well, Bitterwallet would probably be happy to hear from you but they won't exactly expose the company and put them to shame as its a fairly small site. If its really a big deal then contact decent newspapers - i.e. not the Sun.


    or watchdog

    or dispatches

    or obama

    The Sun? Daily Mail? Mirror?

    BW would have a good go at them


    comeon tell us

    Original Poster

    thanks for the fast responses, i really had not considered the newspapers, this is actually a viable option so to is watchdog

    i will check out bitterwallet also

    iam guessing there are not that many websites for such matters because there are so few cases involving 'known' stores, i know there are consumer protection websites, bit suprised that there are no 'name and shame' sites out there



    careful you dont get done for libel, defamation etc

    you are leaving a trail behind every time you post

    why don't you try posting what "They" are doing to make sure? but tbh not actually that rare
    many high street stores will try and evade their liability under the SOGA by fobbing you off to manufacturers to claim on your warrenty.

    send the info to this guy

    wikileaks :thumbsup:


    wishes it is about a misprice or price promise not being accepted... would lol so hard
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