unsolicited premium rate 82070 txt on my phone bill


    I have been charged £1.50 for receiving a text from 82070 by but I have never heard of that number. Is there anything I can do about it like get the money back or ensure it wont happen again? I think I may have got an unsolicited txt from that number but it was unreadable.



    My experience is to phone up your service provider (vodaphone in my example) and explain that you have been charged for a premium number, and the number, and say you never started it. They will check your sending logs to see if you had applied for it, and if it turns out you haven't then they will look into it, and also (my case again) refund you and the cancellation charge until they resolve it behind the scenes.

    It took a long time, and I only got a bit back, but they were helpful in telling me the stages to stop it. The sooner you report it, the better.

    I got charged £6 for four premium rate texts last chrismas which I definetley did not send, Orange would not refund a penny of it.

    from [url][/url]

    Number checker
    PhonepayPlus has the following information about the number 82070.

    This is a shortcode number. This is a text message service charged at premium rate. The types of services operating on this number can be ring tones, jokes, games tarot, chat, mobile internet services (WAP) and more.

    * This service costs £1.50 per text.

    To stop the service you simply need to open a text with the words STOP ALL (in capitals) to the shortcode number.If you would like to find out more about this service or have a question about it you should contact the company that provides this service which is listed below.

    Opera Interactive Technology Group
    3 Brindley Place
    West Midlands
    B1 2JB
    Tel: 08081 313 131
    [email protected]

    You can report it from this site.

    Also email the Opera and complian - they will normally refuynd you by cheque.

    I had teh same a few weeks ago with another company and they did reply to my email and offered a refund


    Its entirely crazy that someone can just screw money from you using a largely unregulated mobile system.

    I know two other people who this has happened to - and one got two of these texts in the first week of getting a new sim - and decided it would be easier to bin the sim.

    It happens as the time it takes to get a result using official channels takes so long they can disappear before any adjudication against them can result in them losing anything more than a small percentage of what they have taken.

    I received two of these last year and reported it to T-Mobile who asked me to prove I had not requested them.

    I told them to check who I had texted - but they said I could have reqested the service online.

    When I pointed out anyone could request a service online - which meant they were willing to let anyone enter my number on a website and then send them my money. I told them I wanted to end my contract - as it was clearly unsatisfactory if they were happy to send my money to anyone who entered a number on a website.

    They refunded the 3 quid.

    I then reported it to ICSTIS on the phone - but over a year later have still not heard from them.

    PhonepayPlus is the new name for ICSTIS. In the UK it seems to be the regulatory bodies who change their names more often than the criminals.

    It took the best part of a morning to get the three quid back and submit an ignored complaint.

    This is the exact reason why it happens.

    This link might be of use - but if you do contact the regulators - do you really think they have enough staff to cover everything - or are they just there to make it look regulated?…asp
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