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Found 19th Nov 2006
Entered a competition with Clash Prize and now i'm getting loads of emails from different companies daily - putting them all into deleted folder but is there another way of stopping these emails or do i just put up with them and delete them all ???

Puts you off entering anything though doesn't it !!! :x

when i put my email address for anything now i always put the name of the website before my wanadoo address so i know where things are coming from - just need to know how to get rid of the ones i don't want

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I dont know, but ill keep an eye on this thread, i get loads of spam, which i find so annyoing.
Sometimes, ill look at the email and it will say "if you want to unsubsribe click here" ill click there, yet i still get it!

Morning both.
The unsubscribe button is usually a bad idea because it lets the company who sent the email know your account is active.
If you can, most email providers have a system of reporting spam senders which you could use.
I used to have a lot of trouble with my hotmail account so I don't use it anymore. I have a Gmail account and I never get any spam anymore.

If you PM me I'll send you an invite to Gmail...

i have the sme problem, years and years and years ago, i subscribed to freelotto (i was little ;)) now they keep emailing me and so i tried unsubscribing but it hasn't really worked. and for those years i've always deleted them saying they are spam.

you should set up an additional free mail account like hotmail or yahoo mail that you use just to nter competitions, freebies....

this way all the spam they send goes into that second account
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