unwanted mcdonalds HMV vouchers for free 1st come.....well you know

hi all, i am a bit of a newbie to this site but i have found a couple good deals on here recently and thought this may be the best place to get rid of these.

I have 1 x £2 off HMV and 4 x £1 off HMV vouchers from mcds but i dont want anything from hmv and these run out next week, so i though i would offer them for free on here first come first get.

let me know if you would like one (1st person can have the £2 one) and you'll need to help me as to how i send you the code (not sure how the PM thing works.

anyway hope this can help someone with some spending.


can i take the £2 please

look at the light green box on the top right of the page which says "search" then click on messages ( in white) to retrieve and send PM's . hope this helps!

Original Poster

voucher code coming to both of you now, thanks for the help. why am i getting cold votes ! its not a deal, do people not like people giving something for nothing to benefit other hduk members boohoo.

anyhow thats 2 gone, 3 £1s left.

hi can i have £1 one please thanks

Yeah can i have £1 as well? thanks!

Original Poster

code coming to both of you now by PM, that leaves just 1 little lonely vouchers left.

me please if its still avaliable

Original Poster

there we are codes all gone, glad i could save a couple of you some pennies. please stop voting me cold now as im starting to feel unwanted.

Could someone remind me what spend is required for the £2 off code?

u do know the mcd's monopoly ended on the 1st may
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