Found 29th Mar 2009
how do i up load a pictures
have just gone to phopobucket
up loaded the image need to up load to this site

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click on the little yellow pic that is in the posting box, clear it of the http:// then enter your url

[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"][FONT="Arial Black"]Uploading Pictures [COLOR="Blue"]*How To*[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[FONT="Arial Black"][FONT="Arial"]
This is just a little guide on how to upload pictures as I have seen many people asking how to upload a picture... so here we go

[COLOR="Red"]Step 1[/COLOR]

First of all make sure you have the pictures you want uploaded to your hard drive because you cannot upload straight to the net.

[COLOR="Red"]Step 2[/COLOR]

Second step is to upload your images to a image hosting website such as

- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]

Once on the website you simply find the location where you have saved the
photos/images and click what you want to upload

[COLOR="Red"]Step 3[/COLOR]

Thirdly once you have your images uploaded to the chosen website there should be links to use to copy the URL or click the image and copy the URL in the adress bar.

[COLOR="Red"]Step 4[/COLOR]

Step four is posting the images on the forums this can be done in two ways

The first way is by putting which is located on the "post reply" options

[COLOR="Red"]Step 5[/COLOR]

Finally you should have something like this



Hope this helps[/FONT][/FONT]

=] 98p I made this for another forum, hope it helps hehe

easy peasy... take the ING code from photobucket...copy and paste into your reply box.

except....98p...really knows what he is talking about lol Good advice.
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