UP on Blu-Ray region A

    can you help me I have a Sony BDP-S300 - Blu-Ray Disc Player and want to buy Up on Blu-Ray however it is region A, does anyone know:-

    A if I can unlock to multi region my Blu Ray player
    B When Up on Blu Ray for UK is out
    C if the region A will work (doubt it tho).



    march next year
    nope film is region locked

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    nomarch next yearnope film is region locked

    Thanks for your help Jason, where did you find out it was available from March?

    I know the player can be unlocked as its being sold as multi-player by some people, just wondered where I can get it done.

    Dont think you can unlock it for BR discs but you may be able to unlock it for DVDs,

    There is one company that does a region free blu ray and dvd region free player.But i cant find the link.
    Its not cheap and stock is on order comes from the USA.
    If i find the link i will post it.

    also on the other side of things look up avchd
    i sure theres a version of up around on the net in this format

    Sonys are only chip mods and as been said quite expensive.

    I saw a full 1080p br rip of Up on a newsgroup the other day, so they are out there. . .
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