Up to 56% off PlayStation Store /Google Play purchases - E.G. 1 Year PlayStation Plus = £22 (+ Redeem O2 Priority Membership)

Posted 23rd Oct 2019
This is a somewhat known process to many HUKD members but I thought best to provide a full rundown so more of you can reap the benefits.

PlayStation Method:

Click Get Deal to go to the O2 SIM order page, fill in your details and tick the T&C's box at the bottom. It'll usually take up to 3 working days for the SIM to get to you - but can be as quick as 1 working day.

Once received, call 4444 and top up your SIM with £11. You should get a vocal message saying 'your top up was successful'.
Text FREE10 to 21500 - this can take up to one hour to apply the free credit.
Once it has been added (text BALANCE to 20202 to check) use this to top up your PlayStation Wallet with £20. You will get a text from BOKU asking you to confirm this, replying will cost you 10p.
The remaining 90p is yours to do as you wish - if you're on Android you can use this toward any Google Play purchase (Store or in-app)

Google Play Method:

Same as above but only top up by £10 - if 'your top up was unsuccessful' over the phone, you can use O2 web top up instead: myo2payg.o2.co.uk/web…lse.
Text FREE10 to 21500.
Once applied you'll have £20 credit to use in the Play Store.

More Bonuses:

If you download the My O2 app and register the O2 number, you will receive an extra £5 credit after about one week.

If you're doing this make sure to save at least 10p on your SIM so that you can use this to pay the text fee when topping up your PlayStation Wallet by £5.

O2 Priority:

Further to this you can use the O2 SIM to register for O2 Priority and get the Priority rewards each week without the need of the SIM card.
Just download O2 Priority, enter the O2 mobile number whilst the SIM is in your phone.
Submit the code they text you into the app and voila!

Even More Money:

Quidco £5 Cashback:quidco.com/o2-…-MS
Top Cash Back £5.25 Cashback: topcashback.co.uk/o2-…im/
(limited to 3 per 365 days)
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