Update finally out for Tmobile HTC HERO G2

    Just a heads up really for anyone who has missed this in some of the other threads.
    The 2.1 is at long last with us and has improved my 3g signal, bluetooth to share files and the phone now is a lot smoother. Just some of the benifits of the update that I have noticed already.


    did u have to do anything to get the update?



    It came out yesterday at midday. So T-Mobile's comment of "mid way through July" couldn't have been more spot on.

    It's an OTA update, just go in to settings and get it to search for an update and it will find it. Alternatively you can set your clock forward 2 months and that will pick it up.

    You'll also need the OTA update that T-Mobile released a few weeks ago

    Google Navigation is brilliant.

    Any news on 2.2 for the Desire?

    been using it since yesterday afternoon, takes a while to install but its definitely worth it.

    used the google navigation and it worked pretty good! Not perfect but be great for emergencies if u happen not to have a satnav about.

    Was a long wait but it has finally arrived!
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