Update from Pipeline

    I have just received this email from Pipeline. No card yet but you never know.
    New and 'old' HUKD members may be interested if this :-D

    Dear Members

    As most of you have noticed, fuel prices have dropped by about 10% since our last update. As an organisation that currently represents almost 500,000 UK motorists, Pipeline has lobbied hard for price reductions and we would like to believe that our voice has been heard.

    It has certainly helped matters that the price of crude oil has dropped but here's an odd thing; the wholesale price of gas has dropped too, yet prices are still going up!

    To check prices across all gas and electricity providers and make sure you are getting the best deal, have a look at this page on our website (…tml [U…tml )

    Shoppers at Asda (an organisation that we spent some time talking to earlier in the year) can save an extra 2p a litre on fuel so no Pipeline Card from Asda but a small cash saving for everybody nevertheless - if you happen to live near one of their stores.

    I am happy to confirm that the Pipeline Card project is still underway despite the various problems but we have taken a different tack now. Rather than relying on partnerships with retailers that have very different agendas, Pipeline is now exploring ways of financing the card directly. It's actually looking encouraging and we should have some more news on that before Christmas. Don't worry, it will still be a free card.

    Meanwhile, we know that many of you are concerned about environmental issues and would like to use Bio diesel. There are still only a limited number of outlets so, as a service to members, we have developed a simple search engine to help you find your nearest supplier. It's on…spx [U…spx

    Some of you already know that Richard Hammond is a big supporter of Pipeline; so we are pleased that he seems to be making a good recovery. His family have asked for donations to be made to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity who airlifted Richard to hospital and are trying to raise funds for an extra helicopter. If any member would like to contribute, the donations page is at…ond [U…ond .

    That's it for now. We are still able to accept new members so you can recommend Pipeline by using this link (…tml [U…tml ) Likewise you can resign as a member at any time by sending a blank email to [U .

    Best wishes

    Ben Scammell - Pipeline Card Founder


    Thanks dino

    Hope ScamWELL brings out something soon :-D

    [SIZE=2]interesting to see it was Asda they originally were having dealings with....since I bought a sports car though I haven't touched anything other than Shell/BP/Esso Super Unleaded as the Asda stuff was ok for my old car, but not a high performance beasty [/SIZE]

    Over a year since this started and still no card - anybody think it will ever launch?


    Over a year since this started and still no card - anybody think it will … Over a year since this started and still no card - anybody think it will ever launch?

    I got an email from them last month, just the same as I've been getting all year.
    I don't think it will ever happen, but they seemed to have had a good go. Shame, it was a great idea.


    [SIZE=2]interesting to see it was Asda they originally were having … [SIZE=2]interesting to see it was Asda they originally were having dealings with....[/SIZE]

    I wonder if it's just coincidence that ASDA now offer 2p per litre discount to those using their ASDA credit card, or if they completely ripped off the idea after discussions with Pipeline?

    I like the guys name though - scammell!



    I like the guys name though - scammell!SCAMmell

    Hey! Thats a good name, shut up!

    That was worth digging up an 18 month old thread for...


    Some further updates since this thread has recently been dug up. Now he's offering 30p off per litre :roll:

    The says the typical household savings with are £313 per year if you take your electricity and gas from them. This is based on typical usage of a three bedroom house using EON for gas and npower for electricity.
    We have used an average fuel economy of 37.8 miles per gallon. We obtained this from (]…tml) which receives its data from the Governments Vehicle Certification Agency (]
    We have used an average number of miles driven per year of 8770. We obtained this from the Governments Department for Transport (…pdf).
    We have used £1.19 as an average price for a litre of unleaded petrol. We obtained this from Petrol Prices (]
    If you drive 8770 mile in the year with an average fuel consumption of 37.8mpg you use 8770 / 37.8 = 232.0 gallons of fuel.
    There are 4.55 litres in a gallon, so 232.0 * 4.55 = 1054.7 litres per year. At the current prices this is around £1260 per year on fuel!
    Using typical saving of £313 per year, you save the equivilent of 313 / 1054.7 = 0.297, or 30p per litre.
    We have based this calculation on figures for petrol cars, according to the Department for Transport diesel cars on average cover more miles per annum, but also achieve better average fuel economy so we expect the saving per litre to be fairly similar.

    The name of the company concerned was removed since Scammell would earn 5% commission for all business placed their way. My recommendation is use a price comparison site if you want to change gas/electricity supplier to ensure you get the best deal.

    Scammell has also dissolved the limited company he originally set up, presumably to run the discount card initially offered

    CT6 5NW
    Company No. 05724022 Dissolved 01/05/2007
    Date of Incorporation: 28/02/2006

    I got really excited there I thought Dino had returned :cry:



    I got really excited there I thought Dino had returned :cry:

    me too :cry::cry:
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