[Update: Now Confirmed] Possible Scam - Paw Patrol Live UK

Found 11th Oct 2016
So I was made aware of a Paw Patrol Live UK Facebook page, that is selling tickets at £10 each for shows around the UK. Although something seems amiss! £10 a ticket seems very reasonable and the Facebook page does carry a mistake in the page name! "Paw Patrol Live Uk" and not "Paw Patrol Live UK" It doesn't seem to have any visible legit links/ties to Paw Patrol, that I can see! For most, this would would generally trigger people to question things!

Apparently comments on the page that ask questions regarding the legitimacy of this event, have been removed and in some cases members banned. One member even contacted two of the Aberdeen venues to check that the event was being held there and was told there were no such events to take place.

Now it may seem obvious to some, but it seems a lot of folks on the page are buying the tickets. I'd naturally assume that the likes of Ticketmaster or See Tickets would be selling the tickets, but apparently not at all.

If you have bought tickets or were going to, you should probably hang fire until there is confirmation of what is going on here.

Thanks to CY over on the Facebook page for bringing this to our attention. If we find out any more info or notice any changes, I'll update. Don't let this post put you off any future bookings with a legitimate event, just make sure you do checks before handing over any for of payment of details (You guys know this stuff already, I know)

UPDATE: A reply from the Legitimate Paw Patrol page

At this point we don't have a tour in the UK. It could be a different company that is working with Nick.. But we don't know about that one, where as we have been working with the Australian company to get PAW Patrol Live there. I'm not sure that's legitimate, but I'll see if anyone at my company has been in contact with getting a tour started in the UK.

UPDATE #2 It looks like the offending page has now been pulled from Facebook!

UPDATE #3 Since writing this and sharing with members, the legit Paw patrol page has taken some action and the page has since been removed. They also mentioned it on their Facebook Page - If you've been affected you may wish to contact your bank and see where you stand.
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I checked with the hotel in Edinburgh and they don't have a booking for this event.

I checked with the hotel in Edinburgh and they don't have a booking for … I checked with the hotel in Edinburgh and they don't have a booking for this event.

It's certainly suspicious at this point! Thanks for the info for Edinburgh!
Page has been deleted. Blocked me when I tried to Facebook message them! I did receive an email saying they were looking for a new venue.
It is that time of year, when the fake tour tickets for childrens events go on "sale". I seem to remember the same thing last year for another popular childrens show.
They have one here

[image missing]

i need more infiormation on names please, as i have already tracked down previous organisers of events like this,
I called the Birmingham venue this morning and they said yes they were there so booked tickets.
Found out it's a scam, called them back fuming, they're saying it's still real as they got an email from "paw patrol Live" saying it was but they don't know the dates or any other details or even who actually sent the email.

My nephew was looking forward to it as it was on his 3rd birthday and now he can't go.
Crowne plaza can't help me anymore because according to them it's still happening???
This is a scam. How do I get my money back?? Do I just contact police

This is a scam. How do I get my money back?? Do I just contact police

How did you pay for it?

This is a scam. How do I get my money back?? Do I just contact police

Your bank or if you used Paypal then claim it back.
My name is Waqar an I am the managing director of intu events the company which organised the Paw Patrol party event in Aberdeen and others across the UK.

I am getting in contact as I wanted to set the record straight and make sure you have all the facts about why we cancelled the event and to assure you that everyone is in the process of being refunded via our ticket provider.

Aberdeen Venue

The original venue was booked and confirmed ( you can see a copy of the email here pastebin.com/qpR…kgP ) and as soon as we were notified they wanted to cancel the booking yesterday morning due to false alligations by a couple of Facebook users we notfied everyone immediatly to explain we would be chaning the venue and offerign a full refund.

Unfortunately our backup hotel refused our booking as they had heard that the event was fraudulent based on the same false rumor.

We immediately suspended sales and spoke with other venues to host the event. Unfortunately the rumor spread very quickly via event venues and it became apparent we would need to cancel the event.

Our next step was to contact our ticket booking provider Eventbee asking them to cancel all the tickets via a support ticket which can be seen here pastebin.com/9bK…WBx . As you can see by the response we have to cancel every ticket on an individual basis.

The Police Facebook Post

As everyone who purchased a ticket will know the booking website had a big contact us button and showed our name. Unfortunately Aberdeen Police NEVER tried to contact us by email, telephone, web button or in person but decided to post that we were committing FRAUD with absolutely no foundation apart from a couple of people on Facebook who made the claim.

The post received over 2700 shares, hundreds of comments and has lead to threats made against myself and my family including me having to escape physical violence from unhappy customers quoting the Police.

As someone who has been brought up to respect & trust the Police I found it very hard to understand how it is possible for them to post complete lies on Facebook putting myself and my family in danger as well as ruining my business and EVERY other venue cancelling our events.

Earlier this week we contacted the officer leading the investigation (Officer Burns) and she confirmed by telephone she had NO idea who was promoting the event even though it was clearly stated and available via the venues and companies house (the UK government register of companies)

The police also claim Eventbee is a fraudulent company which is again false as they sell millions of tickets a year and have done nothing wrong. I’m sure over the next few days their PR team will clarify this and their legal team will deal with Police Scotland’s claims.

We provided the officer contact details and as yet have heard nothing.


Our lawyer is currently dealing with the fallout of the Police’s actions along with those of the individuals making untrue claims and threats.


As stated during our last email EVERYONE is in the process of being refunded which take a few days to show up in your account which can be confirmed by your bank. This process was again slowed down due to the ticket company blocking our access to the ticket system including everyone's email address.

The Paw Patrol Live Link

We originally based this concept on a company based in London who were featured on TV and run a number of these parties based around Disney, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and many others. They have the same model of a small show, games, meet & greets, bouncy castles etc and have never had any trouble. I now understand that there is a tour in the USA which is a theatre style event in big venues called Paw Patrol Live which although completely different could confuse people who knew about it that our Paw Patrol Party Live was connected.

Final Thoughts

On a personal level I want to apologise to everyone for how this turned out and want to assure you my intentions were only ever run a fun family event for all our kids to enjoy. The actions of certain individuals and the Police post have turned my life upside down and I would like to thank my family and business group for helping me over the last 24 hours.

With respect
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