update on my mining rig ( the rx580 deal from last year)

Found 23rd Jan 2018
Just to update on the post from last year about the pre order deal on GPU from amazon and the prices I ended up paying. For people who dont know, I`m on about the post
post here

I ended up paying £642 for 6 brand new 8gb pulse rx580 from amazon and they were all shipped mid November and came to my 5 mates and I addresses.

Yes £107 each card plus £20 to a few mates as a drink for ordering for me.

This is the rig now. Bios modded and making from £14-£17 a day if i use nicehash for coins to bitcoin ( as bitcoin £4k down) or about £13 a day on eth

ideally will just mine for coins, as soon as i get a wallet.

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How much electricity does it use per day?
Now that is sexy but will it play Sonic from the Sega Megadrive on medium to high settings?
Bobbajob46 m ago

How much electricity does it use per day?

20 so running at a loss
the world has gone total potato !
Wow that was cheap man

I'm looking for some cards around that price as well but it's expensive

I'm just holding coins instead unless I find a cheap deal for graphic cards

Keep an eye on the rigs temperature and how many PSU did you add?
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If only we all had 50c's luck...

He was declared bankrupt last year so perhaps we don't want his luck.

I'm sure he will be off to da club to celebrate.
deleted5795925th Jan 2018

so far you've made a net profit of £76.00.. not very impressive to be …so far you've made a net profit of £76.00.. not very impressive to be fair, esp as electric costs will increase year on year and mining profit will decrease year on year..also I haven't taken into account the other costs of building this and i did round down the wattage of the RX580's and use a lowest possible pence per kWh

You have to take into account that he still owns the six cards which currently sell for 350 a piece.
scuum like you put prices of cards up
nice tidy rig. What are you mining?
dilse18 m ago

nice tidy rig. What are you mining?

More importantly, how much money has he made?
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