Update on my poorly deaf and blind cat

We took tabby to the vets the other day as Tabby's stomach had grown, the vet explained that she had a big tumor in her belly and that she will not last very long and when she stops eating, she will go downhill very fast.
Today, alas, she has not eaten and therefore she hasn't long in this world, when she starts to show pain we will have her put down, she is ok at the moment.
She is 18 and has had a good life, I have only had her for a couple of months but still feel sad that she will soon be gone, but I know its for the best....


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awwww poor cat, all the best in heaven tabby!


awwwwwww me no like posts like this :-(

Sorry for her and for you. Big kiss for both of you.:friends:

aww. she is beautiful. I have big fat tears in my eyes :cry:

extra big hugs to her while she is still here.....i love my cat and don't know what I'd do without her.

Aw god, believe me posts like this is not what i need today! Cherish every moment x

Aww poor kitty,it's so sad.

Aww gosh......what can you say:cry:

My thoughts are with you,skusey........she has had a very good home in her last few months I'm sure xxxxxxxxxxx

i've just lost my cat to cancer too.i really feel for you coz its tough:friends:

:cry: I wish pets lived as long as us. I am so sorry x

kisses to Tabby from Monty and Bitsey xx

My heart goes out to you, I know what it's like to lose a beloved pet, I'm so sorry that this is happening to you skusey, but i'm sure she has been very happy with you. xxx

That is a shame
My girlriend is a veterinary nurse, and her cat just had an op.
If the cat cannot hear, and cannot see..then I would strongly consider having her put down asap.
If she cannot hear, or see, then her life is already a misery. Being in pain is just adding to her woe.

I appreciate that it is not my place to tell you what to do..hope the remainder of her time is as pleasant as it can be.

oh bless she is beautiful, i'm so sorry xx

Awwww. I feel so sorry for you. But 18 years is a VERY good and long life to live


I think the vet would tell him when the cat should be put to sleep....I … I think the vet would tell him when the cat should be put to sleep....I have known of a blind and deaf cat who led a perfectly happy life......different to normal cats but that doesnt mean their lives are a misery

My girlfriend works at a vets. That was her comment, not mine.
I agree, I have never been a cat so cannot comment fairly. But, if you cant see, and you cant hear, and you have a giant tumour.... then is that a perfectly happy life? The cat is suffering unnecessarily


believe me when its time the vet tells you, my mums cat had to be put to … believe me when its time the vet tells you, my mums cat had to be put to sleep last year...she didnt want to do it and the vet told her in no uncertain terms that to keep it alive would be cruel.......equally if the cat is in no pain...why put it to sleep? ? When the time comes skusey will do the right thing.

The cat is as good as asleep. It cant hear or see you. And if you think a giant tumour in your tummy wont put you in pain...

poor kitty kat. awwwwwwwww .... big hugs and cuddles from me and my cat ...

Mine was 18 - so so sad because they cant tell you when they hurt:cry:

This is so sad.......:cry:

love and hugs go out to you :friends:

aww that awful make the time she got left good

I am soo sad for you both but its better to let her go so that she doesnt suffer. My little cat was 19 when I had to have her put to sleep. She had a tumour on her leg that I paid megabucks to have removed, and then it grew back within 8 weeks, so I wish I hadn't put her through the trauma of an op.
Lots of love- I'm thinking of you.take care.:friends:

Awww, poor kitty :-( *big hugs* xxxxx

skusey!! aww thats sad.... feel like that cat is a part of hukd misc! bless u have been awesome with the cat as well.... so sad whats happening. hugs to all u guys x
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