Updated itunes for a itouch update and it has deleted everything..... help :0( .

    Afternoon all.

    I have itunes and updated my other half's itouch yesterday. Everything worked as usual. I then plugged in my iphone to purchase a few items on itunes and when I was searching I noticed that everything on itunes is deleted! :0( , music downloaded from CD, purchased, apps, videos's, ringtones.... everything.

    I tried sending items from my iphone to itunes but its not working. Someitems are on my iphone but only sync a few items at a time. When I try and sync it states it will loose everything on the iphone.

    I am soooo confused. I know I can downloading everything again but I have soooo much to download, not to mention video films, CD downloads that have now gone....

    Anyone experienced this or know how to over come this.

    Tried looking on the net but nothing specific to the above...... oh I found a online itunes tech but have to be in the USA or Canada..... doh silly apple.

    Thanks in advance everyone. :0) .


    it could just be the iTunes library got corrupted, but everything is still on your PC.. open your music folder in windows and see if things are there?

    Original Poster

    Yeah its all there except the apps and videos. Do you know how to get it back onto itunes?

    Appreciate your knowledge.


    You couldnt have more than one itunes installed could you and your just looking at the wrong one...

    Looks like razord has the answer...i am completely untechie....dont even know the right technical word for untechnical...good luck

    Original Poster

    Yeah just the one..... I am hopeless with
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