Updated thread: Now need Wifi adapter help - no internet

    What's the best/cheapest way of hooking up an old pc to my wifi?

    I have Sky broadband at the moment using a Sagecom silver router - but thinking of going fibre in the New Year.

    Update: should have said, the pc doesn't have a wifi card or anything.



    Personally I would look at a mini wifi adaptor for a few pounds which will plug into USB port of PC. Obviously easiest option if its close to the hub would be to use a LAN cable. I have something similar to this…250?hash=item5d4ffb23a2:g:7OEAAOSwJQdW-ib6

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    Thanks, that seems perfect and wonderfully cheap. I'll treat myself for Christmas!

    So no Ethernet port either? I have an old PC with an Ethernet port that connects to a £15 WiFi range extender. Works well.

    Depends on the operating system. You might struggle to find drivers for Windows 95.

    If the pc is close to the hub an Ethernet cable is always best

    Sorry to be the bore here, but make sure you have up to date antivirus etc. Old Windows are super vulnerable to viruses which have often been long patched on newer versions...

    How old... if it doesn't have USB2 then a PCI card may be better, as USB1 would severely limit performance.

    Actually, for a "permanent" wifi, I always prefer a card to a USB as it avoids USB overheads and keeps full USB throughput available for other devices

    As Boringgit said, instead maybe consider buying a android tablet. If its that old, it may struggle basic websites and addons as well as being insecure.

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    So, I got the adapter, the network is recognised and I am connected to it but I can't seem to connect to the internet. It is weird, if I remove the ethernet cable going from my pc to the router then the wifi drops out (for all devices). I thought that just having the router connected to the phone line would mean that the wifi would still work?

    The pc is about 10 years old, runs Vista. At the moment it is connected to broadband via a long phone extension cable. Basically the extension cable is connected to the main phone in box, the cable goes upstairs and the Sky router is at the end of the extension cable next to my old pc - with the ethernet cable running from the router to my pc. BUT I'm planning to move the router downstairs.

    Why are you thinking of having fiber, if you seem to not have the funds for a decent pc.
    You'd get better performance out of a modern android box that you connect to your tv via hdmi.

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    I have a decent laptop, this isn't my main machine.
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