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Found 24th Feb 2009
Hello..I want to gift a Brand New boxed phone for my sis as her phone's camera has stopped working & she just cant live without it.

She has been using the Nokia, but would prefer to have a Sony Ericsson phone which has a decent camera (no need to be 3, 4 or more MP) & can load a few songs.

Since I am sponsoring her, I would not like to spend more than 25£. Please can you all help me with this?


Need a bit more info... How many minutes and texts ? Does she need an internet add on? 18 or 24 month contract ? Whose she with now and is the signal ok ?

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Thanks Steve. I completely forgot to give out this information.

She would like it without a contract (so PAYG, I suppose) & on T-Mobile. If its unlocked, even better.

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Even better if I can get Quidco Cashback out of it. :thumbsup:

I'm confused (not unusual). Do you mean you want to spend £25 a month on topups ? or £25 on a contract ? You won't get a new Sony on payg for less than £80 to 100.

T have the Sony Ericsson W595 (in Pink !) for between 20 to 25 on contract (18 months, Combi 20; 200 mins and 400 texts).

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Steve, probably I am not putting the information correctly, so the confusion could be justified.

She is already on a Contract with T-Mobile, but when she renewed her contract last year, I took her handset away. Now when her handset is broken, I was thinking of buying her a new one (Looking at your response, I might have to rethink my spending amount) :cry:

So there is no Nokia or SE (with a decent camera) which you all are aware of which can cost me less?? :oops:

Ahh. now I'm with you...

If you take a look here t-mobile.co.uk/sho…/1/
That's all the T payg handsets. The older the cheaper it is (surprise !).
The Sony Ericsson W595 isn't too bad but is £140.

You won't get a cheap payg as they make the cost of the handset back on the monthly fee on contract, while on payg you might never topup so they change closer to the real cost of the handset (sim free will cost you even more).

Hope that's some help ?

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Thanks Steve!!
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