Updating dashboard on ixtreme modded xbox 360s?????

    I have 3 modded 360s with various ixtreme versions on them along with an unmodded online machine. As I now have a large enough collection of TVs and monitors to support all 4 of them I decided to setup a system link session last weekend. The problem was that only 2 of the 360s could ‘talk’ to one another as it were within game lobbies. The other 2 kept coming up with a message saying that they had an incompatible update or something similar. The only game I tried this on was R6 Vegas 2 as it was the only game which I had enough discs for.

    Would this be a specific game by game problem as obviously some have varying levels of updates depending on when they got banned? If I update the modded ones to the most recent system update so they match the live box will this screw up ixtreme? And is there an easy way to transfer any updates (for example for GoW2) to the modded 360s via downloading and burning them?

    I hope this makes a little sense to someone!


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    Not modded any 360's only my old xbox but guessing they all have to have the same firmware.

    update the dashboard by getting the updates off the MS site and putting it on a USB stick. your hacked firmware has no problems with dash updates.

    If it is specific game title updates (many require the same version for system link or online play) then format a USB stick as a memory card and load the title updates on that - you can DL them from sites like

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    alternate, you are a living legend. This is exactly the advice I was looking for. Cheers buddy
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