updating mp3 id3 tags from excel or csv files - any ideas?

Found 14th Jun 2008
OK folks....

I have manged to create some xls / csv files with all teh data required for id3 tag editing with help from folk on here.

I was then sure I could find some software that would allow me to edit id3 tags by importing the data from either a csv, text or excel file then auto update the tags on the mp3 file - but no :-(

I do use Tag and Rename and that works well if the id3 data is on either amazon or freedb, but I have some compilation albums that I want to get onto my ipod that I cannot get the tag data from the normal sources.

So i have got all the data into excel files and sorted but cannot find a solution to get the data into the tags.

I have googled various alternatives but can only find solution to export id3 data to excel not the other way around!

Any ideas folks

any advise much appreciated

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Not sure if any products exist that can do this, but if you're willing to give some coding a try you could do it. You could write a small macro in Excel to read the files and apply the tags to them. It'd be very specific to the format you have the data in but might be worth a go....

Look at something like this ]http//ww…628 if you want to try it out, or search for "VBA id3" for some other similar sites...

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