Updating my Asus A8v Deluxe Mobo... help needed...

    As from the title i am updating my components on my mobo ( Ram and graphics card)

    I currently have 512ram (pc2700)
    And an old Radeon 9200 (agp)
    The motherboard only allows agp graphics.
    Tight budget under 100 pounds.
    Not looking for a seller on here just website/store offers.
    The Spob


    What CPU do you have? Probably best to get a new motherboard, cpu, ram and graphics...

    Decent dual-core CPUs are well under £50, you could just about get one with a basic PCI-E motherboard with onboard graphics and 2GB DDR2 ram for under £100, then save for a decent PCI-E graphics card (or get a second hand one etc..)

    Original Poster

    thanks for the reply,
    i currently have an AMD 64 3800+ (2.4 ghz)
    So what do you think is the best solution?

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