Updating PC RAM question re Max Memory

    Hi, I am attempting to update the memory in my PC , the Max Memory states 1GB DDR400* - * 2GB (DDR400) with future memory modules.

    What does "* 2GB (DDR400) with future memory modules." mean - is the max 1Gb or 2Gb of DDR400?


    I'm guessing it's saying you've got 1GB but you can add another to make it 2?

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    Thanks for the quick response Tazxxx. I've currently got 512Mb - the info re Max Memory I've obtained from the PC specifications manual.

    What make and model mainboard is this, i'm guessing that it is a poor translation from our asian brothers.
    Essentially the max u can have is size of modules used x number of slots vs addressing capabilty of bios.
    So within reason we can take it the max addressing of bios is 2gb, if u have 4 slots then using 256mb modules gives you a max ram of 1gb, if using 512 then its 2gb

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    The PC is a Fujistu Scenic E600 P4 2.8Ghz. The motherboard is Mainboard D1534 (I think :thinking:) I believe that the max is now 2Gb but when the motherboard was originally made max was 1Gb.

    Try going ]Here and clicking the Scan My System button, should make it a bit more obvious

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    Thanks for that...good link!

    It sounds like when it came out the only memory generally availible was 512mb sticks and it only has two slots so the manufacturer was saying the maximum was 1GB when new, but 2GB when 1GB sticks become availible (as they are now).
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