Updating Wii System Upate

    I have a Wiikey installed. I use it to play NTSC games I buy in from the US but my system is PAL.

    Is it okay to update the system firmware using the System Update option via wifi? I mean, it wont detect my Wiikey and brick it will it?

    Reason am asking is that I bought Guitar Heroes World Tour and it requires a disk system update but I dont want to load US firmware onto PAL system. When I go to System update in the menus, it says it may damage consoles that modified so that has left me worried.

    Im on 1.9 Wiikey and 3.3E Wii.

    Thanks in advance.


    You should have an original PAL disc in the drive when u update (or maybe no disc at all). Whatever you do, Never ever ever never update a PAL console with an NTSC disc in, never ever!
    I will have more info in 5 mins......

    Edit, take a look at bfjem link or

    I hope the answers are here for you


    the wii forum of [url][/url] with gve you all the answers you'll need

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    Thanks guys. Repped/
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