i have a 12 month contract on o2 at the moment, if i upgrade in the last month can i ditch the contract anytime after that period or is it conditional for x amount of months
this may seem a stupid question but i have no idea about phone contracts.


If you agree to an upgrade, they will put you on another contract, ranging from 6-18 months depending on the deal, so watch out!!!!

Best thing to do is let it expire, go into a shop and ask for the best deal they will give you, and get the fone of your choice.
Then sell your other fone!!

o2 have a minimum 12 month contract with some tariffs being 18 month minimum so if you agree to an upgrade you will be signing up to another minimum of 12 months with them

O2 also do a 1 month termination contract for upgrades

I think its on simplicity

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