Found 28th Aug 2009
Hi all.
I'm looking to upgrade my old desktop, an Acer Aspire SA80 similar to this one…key

I'm not looking to spend too much money so got to thinking, instead of spending around £200 on a basic system like this…667 would I be better spending a similar amount of money or less on buying a new motherboard/processor, graphics card and power supply.
I'm reasonably competent around pc's and have done some basic upgrades before, but would appreciate some advice on how easy it would be to replace the MoBo, and what sort of compatibility issues I would come across.
Thanks in advance.

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Direct link to similar current PC ]http//uk…key

imho once you start replacing that amount of hardware, it becomes as cost-effective to buy a new box, plus no worries over compatibility issues

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I've done a conservative estimate of prices for the upgrade as follows
CPU (Pentium dual core 2.8) £50
GPU (NVidia 9600 GT) £55
MoBo £40
PSU £20
RAM (2GB DDR2 800mhz) £20
This comes to £185 give or take a few quid, the basic system from Ebuyer is £219 and thats without a graphics card!!
It seems to make sense to me to do it this way.
Anybody else offer any alternatives or advice?
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