Upgrade For Original Xbox

    Hi everyone,

    What im basically looking for is either and xbox with XBMC, and a least an 80gb hard drive for a reasonable price.

    Preferably, what id prefer is for someone to assist me in upgrading the hard drive myself, by pointing out a compatible reasonably priced drive i need to buy, and any other things i will need, im a total noob.




    the best method (IMHO) is to hard mod the xbox (i used the xecutor2.6) and then use slayers AIO to install the new dashboard onto the new hard drive. it will also format the hdd and install and the necessary files for you. with the xecutor you can choose whether or not to lock the drive.

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    hard mod means installing a mod chip right? i dont think im confident enough to do anything like that, especially if it involves any soldering or anything. Can the hard drive not be upgraded using a soft modded xbox?
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