Upgrade my HTC wildfire to 2.2 firmware

    hi can anyone tell me were and how to upgrade to 2.2?? and what difference does it make to the phone??


    not sure what internet connections you use but I use my home menu...settings...then scroll to the bottom and click about top choice system software updates and then check now..not sure what it updated..

    It depends on what version of 2.1 you are currently using. Which network is the phone on? Look under menu / settings/ about phone and it will tell you which version you have. I don't think all networks have released 2.2 to the Wildfire yet? As 'the sedge' states, if you then choose 'system software updates', it will tell you whether or not 2.2 is available to download and install. As to what the changes are, you're better off looking on Android Forums where someone will have no doubt listed all the changes.
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