upgrade pc to play empire total war

    Hi all, Ime looking for advice on upgrading my pc so i can play empire on (hopefully medium-high) graphics. My current setup is as follows.
    MSI-7255 board socket 775
    Pentium D-915 2.8Mhz
    Nvidia geforce 7600gt (PCI-E)
    2Gb of ram at 2.66Mnz(2*1Gb sticks max it can take)
    350W power supply
    Should i buy a new processor, graphics card or maybe memory? I have a budget of £100-£150. Thanks for your help.


    Might be worth picking up a cheapo base unit rather than upgrading. I'd hit up the graphics card first though if I was upgrading - something in the £40-50 range. Ram won't make much of difference at 2gb (esp if you make sure you close all progs etc before starting the game). Not sure on the processor/mobo upgrade opportunities.

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    Thanks for your reply Moneysaving. I could put a core 2 duo processor in the mobo but not sure if it would make much difference on gameplay.Ive also been looking at a 7900gt card but would it be bottle necked by my pentium D or ram?:?

    >350W power supply

    Not an expert on gaming PCs, but I would not be surprised if you needed to upgrade your power supply as well as 350W is quite low if you are going to have a decent graphics card..

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    That should of been 9600gt card

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    I have tried playing empire on my current spec but most graphics settings are on low and the results are low frame rates also when i zoom out of the battle action some of the men look more like snes characters than infantry

    In this case processor does matter - I tried Empire on my ageing 3500+ AMD (8600gt, 3gb) and it was topping out my processor at 100%. The game has been widely reported to be a resource hog, not a lot can be done to rectify this behaviour :oops: apart from completely overhauling the pc.

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    looks like a new pc might be the only solution rather than upgrading most of my current spec:-(


    looks like a new pc might be the only solution rather than upgrading most … looks like a new pc might be the only solution rather than upgrading most of my current spec:-(

    You could get a new CPU/Motherbaord/Memory for around £130-£150 which should be able to play the game with your current graphics card.

    Iv just got to get kids to bed & il be back & sort some links of parts out for you

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    Thanks mrfun1981:thumbsup:, It would be great to keep some of my original spec if possible, but i know its a bit dated now, maybe new mobo processor and ram would do it.

    Back lol,

    Motherboard - Asus M3N78-VM NVIDIA 8200…807
    CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 7750+ Black Edition 2.70GHz…-AM
    Memory - Kingston HyperX 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 PC2-6400C5 800MHz Dual Channel Kit…813

    This comes in at £152 + P&P

    If you wanted to cut on cost a little bit, you can get less memory If you need get the 4GB you would need to be using Vista because XP cant use all the 4GB & if you dont think you will ever need 4GB of memory you can get a cheaper motherboard which has only 2 slots for memory as the one i just picked as got 4 slots.

    I wouldn't claim to be a great builder of PC's etc but i know enough to get by, so if you want to get a 2nd opinion. Go over to the overclockers forum's & start a thread of there & tell them what you want & they will spec you upgrades etc that will make your system better.

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    thanks for the advice, rep added, i will look into the links you posted and also post the same question on overclockers forum

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    yep that's my mobo. upgrading the processor and graphics card would be my preferd way to go if it would offer big improvments on empire. so rather than spending £££ on a graphics card or a processor I guess i should split my budget and buy both

    only worry is your powersupply

    not sure on the power consumption when running my recommendations.

    I read in the forums that the hd 4670 was less power hungry than most modern cards, maybe someone on here could help

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    Ive read some of the posts on the hd4670 and it does seem to be less power hungry


    Ive read some of the posts on the hd4670 and it does seem to be less … Ive read some of the posts on the hd4670 and it does seem to be less power hungry

    You are right the HD4670 is less power hungry BUT your 9600GT is a slighty better card. So IMO its waste of money buying a HD4670 & if you buy better GeForce or Radeon if you will need to upgrade your PSU.

    Please check this link it gives you a chart of the best graphics cards…tml

    It also says if you do consider buying a new card its best to go 3 levels above what you have or you might not actually see that much improvement.

    Your motherboard is old as you already know, & before i posted my specs i need check what cpu's it can take…tml If you take a look the E6600 is more or less the best that board can take + most of the leading PC shops dont stock it any more because its old now. You can buy it for £100 on ebay now, i know antony4462 posted a link to it for £65 but you can but new CPU's just as good for around the same price.

    An the mother board i specd you has got loads of room for upgrade in the future wheres is you stay with your board now & in 18 months you find another game that it dont run you will need to start from the beginning again

    When i spec up the parts for you i did make sure your PSU would still power it by using this online calculator…jsp

    Hope this helps a bit
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