Upgrade S21 options (android) - something bigger, but will fit in my pocket and not drag my shorts down.

Posted 27th Feb 2023
Any recommendations?

I think the S23 ultra and fold4 would be too heavy..... How do those of you with these handsets carry yours?

Initial research and i´m debating between S23 Plus and Pixel 7 Pro.. but the Ultra does excite me, bar the impracticality of carrying it.

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    I had s21u which is the same size as the s23u. It's a good size for every day use. I learnt to use my little finger as a shelf for the bottom of my phone to sit on and my other fingers grasp a firm grip around the sides and back to make sure I do not drop it.

    Making sure to have a good case with some side grip rails does.help.

    Now I own the fold 4, I use the official samsung case with the strap on the back, I still use my little finger as a shelf but I tuck my other fingers under the carrying strap to make sure I do no drop it.

    The weight isn't massive, it's more about the shapes that would make or break a device for "is it for me?"

    As the ultras are only 239gm and I believe the other plus model phones are around 200gm (edited)
    I forgot to mention one thing I dislike about the fold 4 is no 60fps on the wide angle lens. Even at 1080p, it disables this lens for video. Something about an old chip for the camera. :/
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    I would hold off until next year. I don't think the S23 offers much for an upgrade coming from an S21
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    Had a S21U, P7Pro and now S23U (among others).

    The S23U is easily the best phone of the lot and the battery life is amazing. The P7Pro was slightly smaller but it's not a night and day difference in my opinion.

    People hype stock android a lot but OneUI has come on leaps and bounds and is at least as good if not better in my opinion. There were things I missed when I went to the P7Pro.

    The S21U battery life was the biggest drawback for me as I was just about lasting a day with it (very heavy use). The S23U is noticeably better.

    Ultimately depends what you're looking for. For me, battery life and specs are the main priority and for that the S23U is a game changer.

    I also had a S21FE at one point and really liked the size but again battery life was too much of a drawback.
    Thank you
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    Is yours the normal s21? I've got the s21+ and find it big in my little girly hands my mates Fold3 is just mental
    Yeah, have the standard S21...... I primarily chose this as i was running at the time, so being compact i could run with it and listen to music. No longer run now though.
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    Thanks all, going to take a trip to the local phone shop and see the handsets in person.
    For my needs either of the 4 i mentioned won´t be a disappointment - just has to feel right in my hand and pocket.
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    Update, all phones locked in the shop and assistant refused to unlock, but he did have his personal S22 Ultra which i held, and could do comfortably in one hand, it seems to be similar size and weight to the 23 - so that´s what i´m going for... the S23 Ultra.

    Thanks again for all your help, very much appreicated.

    Now looking for recommendations on a case and screen protector lol
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