Upgrade time, need a new motherboard, cpu and graphic scard.


    I would like to upgrade my pc and get Intel core 2 Q9300, motherboard ( don't know which one), 2 4 gb of memory and a Nvidia geforce 8800gts.

    Any advice on what motherboard to get is well appreciated as I am completely clueless.

    Thanks for any help.

    A few weeks back I posted asking for the price of the Q9300.…300


    What's your budget? That's a slick CPU and graphics... I would get something like…173
    Gives you the option to upgrade to DDR3 RAM when prices drop...

    Out of curiosity, why a GTS? Why not spend the little extra and get the GTX?

    Original Poster

    The cheapest GTX I spotted is £205, For an extra £5 I could get the 9800GTX, however I spotted a 8800GTS for £170. I know its only an extra £35 for the GTX but I just don't want costs to spiral out of control.
    I spotted a Geforce 8800 GT for £125. I might just got for that.

    The Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R motherboard looks good, Although im not bothered about getting DDR3 memory.

    What type of fan would you recommend for the Q9300 cpu? I do a lot of [email protected] stuff so i would like a half decent fan

    Thanks again for all your help :thumbsup:

    Heres the links for graphics cards i mentioned earlier.
    Geforce 8800gt…228
    8800 GTS…666
    8800 GTX…610
    9800 GTX…104

    XFX 8800 GTX at ]£176 (not including delivery).

    If you've not got a big monitor (24" or higher) then I'd agree that the GT is the better deal.

    I am looking to build a similar system. Can anyone recommend a Quad Core, Motherboard, GFX Card and Memory? I already have a 24" monitor and don't think i'll be playing many games as I have a PS3. I need a new case also.

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