Upgrade to Infinity 2?

Found 11th Apr
I'm on infinity 1 at the moment but tempted to upgrade to the higher package as I would get the max speed of 76mbps.

A few years ago they did a free speed boost for infinity 1 customers. Is that likely to happen again? I don't want to upgrade and then find infinity 1 customers are getting the same as me but for less.

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when you say you "would get max speed" are you saying you've actually checked it's achievable to your house or that is what's offered?
They were automatically upgrading customers last year, so long as your line could support it. It's unlikely yours can if they didn't upgrade you. You can check here.

More info on the upgrades here.

As for when/if they'll be offering it again - no idea.
I used to have Infinity 2 at the start of last year and I could get around 74mbps. I left to go to Sky, which were terrible, then came back to BT but chose Infinity 1 as it was cheaper.
I was on infinity 2 and wasn’t able to get the full speed so downgraded to infinity 1 when they put the speed up to 52!
It’s definitely worth checking to make sure you can definitely get the full speed for infinity 2.
I'm not sure it's worth the extra money of about £8 a month. 50mbps is more than enough for me.
As you're already on VDSL, you can check the Maximum Attainable Rate on your modem/router to see the maximum rate your line will currently support. If you upgrade, the actual data rate may be slightly lower as some noise margin may be kept in reserve for stability.
On BT's current router it is shown in the Technical log and called "Maximum data rate".
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