Upgrade to iPhone 3GS 6 months early

    I called O2 over the weekend to check when I could upgrade to the 3GS. I am on an 18 month contract which started at the end of July 2008. I was told I could upgrade today and the 18 month contract would start from that day rather than my original contract expiration. Apprently it was because I was eligible for the O2 Platinum Program, guess I have been spending too much on data roaming.

    Not expecting much in terms of heat but hopefully this will be useful for a few of you.



    Moved to misc as this is more info rather than a deal

    It's worth having a look at your contract renewal date if you had the original iphone and upgraded to the 3g. For some reason on my account my contract renewal date didn't change when I go the the 3g iphone. This meant that just last week I was able to cancel my iphone contract and switch to a simplicity contract with more minutes/texts and still unlimited internet for just £20 after only 12months!

    Although perhaps I was just lucky :P
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