Upgrade to O2 Refresh and O2 will pay off the remainder of your bill - 100% discount!

Posted 18th Sep
I’ve just upgraded to o2 refresh from a standard tariff and they have kindly paid of the remainder of my contract with over 6 months remaining. I had approximately £500 credit remaining

I can also trade in my current iPhone X with them and receive £400 with o2 recycle.

Log in to the o2 app or your account online and see
if you’re eligible.




O2 Refresh splits your Pay Monthly bill into two parts. The Device Plan is the cost of your phone or tablet, and the Airtime Plan is the cost of your data, minutes and texts. You can trade in your phone at any time and put the cash towards paying off your Device Plan. Leaving you free to upgrade to the latest device, with nothing to pay upfront.

All of our new O2 Refresh tariffs are flexible, meaning you can change your airtime tariff up or down, once a month. Find out more about flexible tariffs.

You can only get O2 Refresh directly from us. Online, on the phone or in our stores.
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O2 can do one. They keep trying to get me to tie into a 3 year contract. I can get the same deals on Mobiles.co.uk for a tenner cheaper a month, no upfront costs and 2 year contract instead of 3.
02 are a disgrace to all networks. I hope they go out of business. Tried to unfairly charge me, when I stood my ground, they black marked my credit report and harassed me. I went to the ombudsman and had evidence highlighting their disgraceful conduct and broken promises. They tried sweet talking me with a £50 credit, to which I said you can keep it and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Happy to take your money but when they can't or don't deliver from their end, they don't want to know.
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