Upgrade Train Tickets Cheaper Than Paying New Single Ticket??

Found 22nd Dec 2008
you know whats it like you buy a single ticket on the train which costs a fortune as u wont be returning and then something happens and you need to return. The trouble is a single ticket and a return ticket can be almost the same price! so what do you do, well you could buy another single ticket which depending on the route could cost you a fortune but have you thought about asking the driver to add an excess on your ticket!? I'm not sure if this is allowed but it might be.

eg just say a journey costs you £40 for a single ticket and it may cost £44 return but you bought a single ticket. Well you could buy another £44 ticket or ask the guy to add the difference as an excess eg £4 to upgrade your ticket to a return.

if anyone has tried this let us know!
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i dont know about upgrading but if you buy a single ticket to london not in advance, you can get an open return ticket valid for a month for £2 extra
They've actually issued me a return ticket for 5p. But then again, I made a mistake at one of those fasticket machines and told the guy at the counter straight away.
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