upgradinf my acer comp to vista premium

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Found 7th Feb 2007
this is the pc i have,it says on the specs that it has a 64bit processor,and to get vista premium 64bit edition i need it.Can anyone confirm this for me before i order it.

what is the PC operating certificate of authentcity (COA)S/N:how do i get this
And i need my receipt is there anything else.#

This is the pc i have:


is everything else on the specs list capable of running the 64bit edition


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im just on the windows vista site now,and i went through the steps and it choose your current software so i chose media center edition 2005 and it only came up with the 32 bit.but i also had the choice of choosing xp home edition,dont i also have xp home.How do i get this 64 bit,i dont want to get the slower version if i had the possibility of getting the 64bit,i want that aero software lol

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can anyone confirm this

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bump please help

Did you qualify for a free vista upgrade through Acer?

If so I'm not sure that will qualify you for a 64bit upgrade...as your XP MCE is 32 bit??so maybe you only qualify for a 32 bit version of Vista Home Premium as the upgrade.

Your COA should be on the Windows authenticity sticker that is on the PC case.
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