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    I am thinking of upgrading my current Dell 5150 pc with a new Graphics card and memory. The current configuration is P4 3.0ghz processor, 512ddr (2* 256meg) and a Ati X600 PCI-E card. I want to get the upgrades on Ebuyer and am on a budget of around £140.

    I have been looking at getting a NVIDIA 7600GT card……025

    and a stick of 512ddr memory…ion =c2hvd19wcm9kdWN0X3Jldmlld3M=&filter_display=both& filter_order=rating_useful&filter_category=&filter _string=&offset=10…=10

    Any advice would be greatly received, and would these items be compatible with my pc. Thanks again


    I had a Dell 5150 and I got a new top of the range graphics card, and it wouldn't fit in the machine! I had to build a new PC round the graphics card!

    The one you have chosen looks ok, but maybe one of the technical people here can tell you for certain about this.

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    I have kind of decided on the card now just have no clue what memory to get. I did a little check with the Cpu-Z program and it sais I have PC2-3200(200mhz) 256meg *2. I want to bump that up to a gig but have checked on Dell and a 512ddr stick costs £50!!!. On ebuyer there is memory for around £26 which would be better on the pocket but would it work? could someone point me in the direction of what memory to get please. :thumbsup:

    Use the memory checker on [COLOR=blue]Crucial[/COLOR] - it will show exactly what you need to buy. They are very competitively priced as well. You can get quidco cashback, and I think there may be a voucher code floating around too!

    It's practically impossible to upgrade the processor on a DELL.. Due to the HUGE screwed in heatsinks - although I don't see why you need to upgrade the processor.

    Graphics wise, go for a 512MB X700! Only about 60-70 quid max, spend the rest on a gig of ram or so!

    I have the Dell 5150 from that BT offer a few weeks ago. I upgraded to an XFX 7600GT Sli Extreme. Fits perfectly in the case. Also upgraded the memory through Crucial (used their memory check thing) from 1GB to 2GB.
    Seems to play Farcry cranked up to the max really well, and HL2 pretty well at max settings.
    Prices vary for the 7600GT but I went for a standard one as I'd heard the power unit in the 5150 may not handle an overclocked card. Cost about £130+vat a couple months ago from microdirect.

    Here is a copy of the receipt for the memory from crucial
    Qty: 1 CT474193
    Part number: CT2KIT6464AA53E
    Price: £64.99 (EX. VAT)
    Description: 1GB kit (512MBx2), 240-pin DIMM Upgrade for a Dell Dimension 5150 System
    Line total: £64.99 (EX. VAT)

    As Emma says, for memory go through QuidCo.Com to earn 7% in cashback and use the discount code from there for 5% off your order. If there's no code available, use ]http//ww…ive

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    Thanks for all your help guys been excellent!!!

    I have narrowed the card down to either:

    Point of View…578



    I know its only £5 or so but what is the best of the two.

    Thanks again much appreciated!!!

    You'd need some Core speeds on that memory otherwise you might get an incapable brand. Also, no voltage listed. For a DELL, it should be 1.8v or so.

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    Here is the link from Crucial with all the compatible ram for the Dell 5150…=Go

    I did a check with CPU-Z and the memory description says the following:

    Module Size 256 MBytes
    Max Bandwidth : PC2-3200 ( 200mhz)

    Not sure what the core speed is but the only listing on cpu-z is the processor and that has a core speed of 2992.5 haah sorry if that is wrong but I am very new to this lark

    Oh and if possible could someone link me to the correct memory on the crucial site so I can order it tonight. Again thanks to all that have helped me.

    Crucial memory:


    Should be fine but it's around £71 with 7% cashback in a couple of months if you go through QuidCo.

    Works out cheaper if you buy it in pairs and that's the 1Gb kit [2x 512Mb].

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    Thanks for the help!!! Memory now sorted.

    I have now encountered another problem, My power supply is 305w and have looked on the manufacturers website for the BFG 7600gt and the minimum requirement for power is like 350w power supply. I had a quick look on ebuyer and found a Powercolor X800XL 256meg PCI express card for just under £100 which is cheaper, cant seem to find its power consumption though…654

    Would this card be more suitable?.

    Thanks in advance.

    first thing to check is how many memory slots does the motherboard have?,if only 2 then they are both taken and buying 512mb would be a waste.even if 3 adding a 512mb may be incompatible as memory would be mismatched.

    best thing is buy a 1gb stick or 2x512mb and sell your current memory on ebay or something.

    as for the gpu 7600gt is about the best value card around scan have an xfx overclock for £101…tag

    p.s. just seen your last post,but if dell have decent psu with good rails you should be ok,i doubt you will use more than 300w,but if so you could pick up a decent 400w psu for about 15 quid.the ati card is older technology better to stick with the 7600gt.

    also here is a chart of gpu power consumtion the ati uses more wattage at peak…tml

    The 5150 has four memory slots. Original memory is Hyundai on mine with 2x 512Mb and two spare So you should be able to keep the other 512Mb too

    Dell under rate their PSUs. As I said a standard 7600GT works fine in my 5150. As Rayman said 4 memory slots, so worthwhile getting an extra 2x512Mb.

    I think you would be okay with the PSU already in your Dell too. I believe there isn't such a drain on power either, as the 5150 is designed to run cool without as much fan cooling that most other systems require.

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    Hi guys

    Well I finally went for it and ordered the Point of View 7600gt for £124 ( got express del) and it will be here tommorow. I have never used NVIDIA before as my previous cards have been ATI so will it be difficult removing all the old ATi drivers from my pc as I dont want any conflicts?.

    Do the NVIDIA drivers work in the same way as the ATi just download them and follow the on screen prompts then a restart?.

    Again thanks for everyone who has helped during this thread :thumbsup:

    Simply remove the ATI drivers using the ADD/REMOVE program utility in Control Panel.

    It's advisable to load the latest Nvidia graphics driver from their website as I expect the one provided with the card will have been updated.

    Would you please give some feedback on the 7600GT as my son is thinking of upgrading his Gforce 6800.

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    ^^^ Thanks for the help Curry

    I will post what the cards like sometime tommorow.

    Here's a link for ATI removal: ]https//su…=27

    I think they have removal tool somewhere also...

    [SIZE=2]nVidia update their drivers more often than ATI do too [/SIZE]

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    I have installed the card from the cd and everything seems ok, just need some help how do I get the new drivers for the card? I downloaded one set of drivers but when it come to the install it said the hardware wasnt recognised. Could someone point me in the right direction please.

    Did you download the drivers from here: ]http//ww…tml

    Sorry to intervene Ray but I'm not sure the software link you've given is correct as it seems to be for 7800/7900 Gforce cards.

    Should the software for the gforce7600 GT be here??


    That's okay Thanks for correcting me

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    Hi guys,

    Have installed the correct drivers for the card and its running well!!!, Half Life 2 should be here over the weekend so will give a full report then. The ram hasnt arrived yet as I only have the old 512ddr still in and could only run low settings on battlefield 2 demo but was very smooth. Thanks for the driver link curry much appreciated and as always thanks for everyones help during this thread:thumbsup: .

    Glad to hear you're up and running Rock...yes the additional memory should help...the acid test for any graphics card is Call Of duty I'm told...if you're interested in that sort of game you can buy it from [url][/url] for £14.99...on ebuy people are paying almost £17 inc of P&P for secondhand's a mad world on ebay as they seem to bid well over the new prices for lots of things.

    I'd get Farcry as well, getting old but better gameplay than HL2 and amazing graphics on max settings. Some of the levels are massive.

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    Right all set up now and have tried the Battlefield 2 demo again and can now run the single player game with 30fps-100fps thats with 1280 by 1024 resolution all settings on high with no AA. The regular framerate is around 60 but with lots going on it dips to 30fps. I will tinker with the settings but the game runs really smooth and never notice any slowdowns at all. My 5150 is now P4 3.0ghz, 1.5gig DDr2 and Nvidia Point of View 7600GT. I hope this helps you out Curry.

    Oh and I have just ordered the 19" Widescreen Hanns-G from Amazon today aswell for £105 so at the moment all is well!!! :thumbsup: .

    Great stuff...seems you have a really good setup and the 7600GT is a splendid card..all the reviews I've read say so because of its ability to play all the latest games without any problems.

    Yes the Hanns is an excellent buy...only wish I had not recently replaced my remaining 2 CRTs with 19inch TFTs..I always seem to have just made a purchase when an absolute bargain appears on this site.
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