Upgrading a macbook pro harddrive ?

    Hi Guys,

    Im thinking of upgrading my macbook pro hard-drive. Its the old macbook pro (pre unibody).

    what type of drive do I need to be buying ? i have no clue what sort needs to go into it. does anyone know a good and cheap place to buy from ?



    I'm pretty sure you'll need a 2.5" SATA as I think these are standard laptop drive- it's what I've got in my current macbook pro. Amazon have very good prices at the moment- I'd recommend the Western Digital Scorpio Blue series- 500GB was £65 inc pnp and 320GB as £39.99 inc pnp the last time I checked.

    Original Poster

    wow cracking prices

    thanks very much

    it voids warranty if you do upgrade as its not classed as user serviceable by apple,only the macbooks were an easy hdd swap not the pro's
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