Upgrading an old Dell Dimension 9100- Is it worth it?

    I was just looking for some advice about a 10 year old Dell Dimension 9100 family computer we have. I believe it's still got some life in it- it has a 3.6ghz Pentium D processor in it, along with 4gb of RAM.

    My question is, is it worth installing an SSD even though it's only got SATA I? More importantly, would it actually be possible? I was planning to put in the new SSD, freshly install windows 8 and transfer documents over. Would the upgrade make any difference to how fast the computer runs, or should I just fork out the cash for a whole new computer?


    Depends on how much you like your old computer.

    i like old thinkpads for their keyboard and matt screens.

    A ssd in my x61 2007 was a decent upgrade.
    i wouldnt like to buy a new lenovo now with their awful keyboards.


    Depends on how much you like your old computer.

    He's talking about a desktop so that doesn't apply. All the peripherals and, probably, even the case could be re-used.

    Ten years is pretty old and I would be surprised if it's not near the edge of it's capabilities. An SSD may buy you another year or two but I wouldn't expect much more than that.
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