Posted 23rd Jun 2021
Bit stuck with trying to upgrade my Legion 5p. I bought a crucial 1tb SSD and a UGreen external enclosure in the prime day sale, I'd already added a 1tb Adata as my secondary drive when I first got the laptop but was starting to run low on space, the plan was to clone the contents of the Adata over to the Crucial drive via vthe external enclosure, then clone the 256gb boot drive over to the Adata drive, remove the 256gb and use it as an external drive in the enclosure, set the Adata drive as my primary drive and put the crucial drive in place of the Adata without having to reinstall all my stuff.

I've cloned the Adata over to the crucial drive using Macrium Reflect, but can't clone the 256gb over to the Adata drive, I get an error due to the sector sizes being different, does anybody know a way round this or am I going to have to bite the bullet and do a reinstall.
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