Upgrading contract with 02 (O2)

    I phoned up 02 last night to upgrade my mum's contract. She wants the Sony Ericsson C905, same as me. I have it on 02, I upgraded a couple of months ago and got it on 18 months, 400 mins, 2000 texts, unlimited web, for £20 a month, discounted from £35.

    Phoned up last night to get this for my mum, but 02 would NOT negotiate. I always phone up for my mum come upgrade time, even do it for all my friends, because I can always get 02 to give good deals, but they just weren't playing games last night.

    All they would offer her was the same contract as mine, same phone etc but for £35 a month. Even told them that I could get a better deal through cashback with T mobile for £21 a month and they basically said go with them, whereas before they would have said ok we'll see what we can do. I even went through to retentions and they said would I like to cancel or what?

    Anyone had any experience with 02 in the last month trying to upgrade? I upgraded at the end of March no problems???


    There is a recession on, everyone will be tightining their belts. O2 are the biggest network in the UK with over 20 million active lines, looks like they are playing hard ball and are not going to be taken for a ride!

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    Don't want a 24 month contract, am loathed to do an 18 month, never mind 24. Going to leave it a week and then try again, if they won't play ball I'll go with T mobile, think it was 700 mins, unlimited texts, free C905 for £21 a month after cashback.

    Their loss! Not mine!

    Try again in week (I got a virgin media update by phoning and then waiting then phoning again)

    Sometimes it depends on who you speak to, remember the people in retentions need to take information from them aswell, and if they're in a bad mood/time of the month/just take a disliking to you, you're not going to get a good deal. I'd try again in a day or two, chances are you'll speak to someone else and you'll get a better deal.

    The C905 was on special offer with O2 a few months back which is why you got what you think was a good deal.

    Always have a look there. Always getting contracts from there. Good service.

    Adam2050;5376605 have a look there. Always getting … have a look there. Always getting contracts from there. Good service.

    Have used them for about the last 5 or 6 years with no problems at all.

    whats the number to ring from my o2 phone to speak to upgrades?

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    Upgrades: 0870 600 7102

    Is free to call from your handset.

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    This is the deal (the T mobile one) on top of the half price line rental, you can get £40 quidco, so will work out less than £20 a month. We'll see what 02 say in a week!…tml

    I'm a bit scared now..looking for good deals on O2.
    I have only ever had good customer service from them, even with their strange policies (like not letting you check how many minutes you have left through the internet or through your phone. You have to ring up their customer services line just to speak to a real person to quote you your remaining minutes!)

    I was on a £25 a month price plan for 12 months but then changed to a rolling £15 simplicity and then to a 18 month £10 contract with a free Samsung Soul (which I verily sold on Ebay for £170)

    The people are usually really laid back and friendly, other networks have a lot to live up to imo.


    You're doing it wrong, all 3 of our contracts let us check our minutes … You're doing it wrong, all 3 of our contracts let us check our minutes online and by text....

    You are kidding me! Noway lol. Well it was over a year ago now I called them and I asked the woman over the phone whether they had a system similar to 3's and she was just like *if you need to find out your remaining minutes just call customer services, it's free*

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    No no no, you send a blank text to 21202 and you get a text back telling you your remaining allowance. Try it just now!

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    You just beat me badass!!
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