Upgrading iPod Touch 2G to 4.0.1


    On the link above they have the the 4.0.1 firmware but what one do I download for my iPod Touch 2G

    I am on 4.0 so I just need to upgrade to 4.0.1 how do I do this without installing 4.0.2.

    P.S I remember there was a site where someone uploaded all the iPhone/iPod Firmware file anyone got the link.



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    that site doesn't have 4.0.1 for iPod Touch.

    there is no 4.0.1 for itouch there was 4.00 and now there is 4.0.2 they didn't release the 4.01 point release for itouch. you can get it through itunes or from…re/

    iirc the 4.01 was developer only can't edit the bove for some reason lol

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    oh ok
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