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Found 10th Sep 2009
How easy is this?

I am looking to upgrade the HDD and the RAM

Do Iose all of my stuff from the old HDD?

Any help repped!
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If your just upgrading your HDD with a new one you dont have to lose any of your data .Theres 2 ways of doing this , 1) sort out all your files on the drive you have now ie. mp3's ,doc's , photos etc and put them in one folder on C:/drive or the desktop . You can write these to disk or even better if you have an external drive , copy them across to the drive .2) take the drive out of the laptop [you will have to in any case ,if your upgrading ] and link it to a PC or another laptop using a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter to a SATA/IDE to USB device and just transfer your data across to the other drive . Best option in any case would be to buy an external drive and backup your stuff there , depending on how much you have , an 8GB/16GB or even a 32GB pendrive might do .
You will however lose programs , you cannot simply copy programs across , so they will will to be re-installed on your new drive .
Do you have OS [operating system]disks or is it in a hidden partition on your drive ?? This is where you may have problems . You are going to have to re-install windows on to your new HDD . Much easier to load from disk here . There may be an option to transfer the OS on the hidden partition to disk ............there was on my old Packard Bell igo 6000 freeing up about 2GB . I now have Windows on disk should I need to re-install the OS .Other way is to Ghost your present drive to the new one . Wont go into the details , but find out where your OS is .Another good idea is too check the laptop makers website and see if the drivers are there and available ,[normally under Support/Downloads] should you need them , they might be updated drivers too.
What size drive are you going for ?
Hi A program such at acronis will clone your old hard drive onto the new hard drive, then its a simple job of just swopping over the two hard drives and its as if there has never been a change, everthing will be as it was before. there are sata to usb kits around as well as sata hard drive docks, to enable your harddrive to connect to your computer.i did it tonight it takes about an hour or so.
[FONT=Verdana]There's also the fact that dependent on the age of the laptop that it may have an IDE hard disk rather than a SATA hard disk - in addition to that there is also the cost for memory, as older laptop models will have limits as well.

Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]
if you have to ask these questions its more likely this is a job for a pro
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