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hi, i need to upgrade this thing now for college, i was thinking of a western digital 320gb sata hdd from ebuyer for about £70 and 2x 1gb ram from providing these are good choices i was wondering how to go about installing the hdd, do i need to buy an external case, sata to usb lead or something to transfer the files across?

ive looked at a few tutorials and they tend not to talk of that much, i think apples one just said use your install disc but others suggest formatting first and its getting confusing. has anyone here upgraded their macbook hdd before?

thanks for any help

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there a web site called that will take you thought it

and is crucial cheaper for memory

If you've got lots of files on your current Hard drive that ain't backued up on DVD then easiest I think would be to install the new drive. Do a clean format and install the operating system.
Then get a external firewire case, pop your old drive in and once your new system is up and running connect it up and transfer the stuff across!
The kingston valueram is not rated very highly for Macbooks, as I've had a stick deemed as failed by Apple and Kingston themselves said it is not meant for a Macbook! (Poor quality ram or something like that).

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oh, so you can just install the drive then install the os without having to play around? ive got an external drive so i can move some files across - i dont have many files on this thing anyway. the ram thing sounds interesting. what ram is worth getting then?

The RAM from Crucial is always good, and they guarantee it.

That how to on a Macbook is ]HERE

]HERE is Ebuyers 320GB WD that should do the job(just check its the same one your thinking of)

Yes you can just install the drive, then pop your OS CD in, press and hold C on the keyboard to boot from cd.
After it is installed then you have your new operating system installed you can transfer the data from your old drive via firewire/usb.
As other members have suggested, Crucial is a good bet or other Kingston Ram, just not the Valueram range.

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ok thanks all, that pretty much covers everything then. just need to get a torx thingy. might swap the old hdd into my ps3 afterwards awell, so im gonna look into that next

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i bought the wd3200 - on amazon delivered for about 69.00 and the memory from crucial for about 29.00 - initial confusion about if i had a core 2 duo or a core duo 1.83 macbook though. cant wait to start tinkering

Cool :thumbsup:

Be careful when using the Torx Bit, the screws are very soft and if you round one off its a nightmare to sort it.

Make sure its a snug fit its a T8.
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