upgrading my laptop

    hello everyone.

    i need to upgrade my laptop, its a fujitsu siemens "amilio pro v7010" with a "ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000 IGP" chipset.

    im looking to order some RAM, thats not a problem as i know what im looking for. what i want to do is upgrade my processor, its a 2.53 celeron (it runs very very low). is it possible to upgrade it to something like a pentium? if so what processor would be ideal?

    im a student and can not really afford a new laptop.

    i aint that good with all this upgrading busines, i tryed to research it all but with no luck.

    thank you.


    You will need to find out what motherboard your laptop has to find out what processors are compatible with it.

    I'm not too familiar with the Celeron CPU's ( i try to avoid them like the plague) so i don't know if they use the same socket as the Pentium's. If your lucky then you will be able to fit a faster Pentium chip in there.

    The only problem is actually getting your laptop opened up so you can get at the processor to replace it, this is usually a lot easier said than done when it comes to laptops.

    It might not be worth the hassle really, as the extra RAM should give you a significant performance boost anyway so you might be able to cope with just the extra RAM.

    You could always try some other things to get it running a bit faster,i always find it usually runs a lot faster after a format, as you will have got rid of a lot of unneeded programs/files.

    Hope i was able to help you, good luck.

    Original Poster

    thanx a lot. yes you were very helpful, ok i will try and find out what motherboard it has. yeah i was silly buying this laptop. i just want to get it up to speed a bit.
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