Upgrading my pc GPU Help please!

Posted 26th Oct
Hi, I have a HP Pavilion Power 580-015na with an i5-7400 cpu and gtx 1050 but i want to upgrade the gpu to an amd rx 580 or gtx 1060 but the power supply is rated at only 180W so what is the best solution? I have never upgraded my pc parts apart from basic ram so any advice would help! Thanks
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I am unfamiliar with your PC so I won't offer specific advice but offer the following links
PSU tomshardware.com/uk/…tml
GPU tomshardware.com/uk/…tml

In essence you need to establish the power demands of the GPU and the requisite power connectors (some need 2 and you may only have 1 in your PC at present.). Don't skimp on your PSU.

I hope this helps.
You’ll need a new power supply, something at least matching that recommended by the GPU manufacturer. Just make sure it will fit in the case and try to get something decent so you can continue to use it in the future.

The GPU itself should be plug and play, just ensure you check the specs of your motherboard to be certain it’s supported, although a quick Google suggests you should be ok
Thanks for the answers
No worries. As mentioned, do your research beforehand as any new GPU could be held back a lot by the rest of your system. Just Google ‘best GPU for i5-7400’ and that should get you links worth looking at. Either that, or ask the same question on a dedicated PC forum
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Without any affiliation I’d recommend a phone call to cclonline. Just be very clear what you need improved graphics for to avoid overspend.
According to the specs (support.hp.com/gb-…269) it's a uATX PSU, so the only likely issue is making sure that the PSU isn't too "long" for the case as the internal photos I can find online don't imply you have a lot of space to work with. Also check the size of any GPU you want to put in there as it looks like the DVD drive is right behind the x16 slot which will probably limit your GPU to no more than about 20cm

Looks like HP haven't given any headroom with the current PSU - the CPU and GPU are rated to 140w between them, not allowing for other parts!
There's no such thing as a MicroATX (uATX) PSU, the standard was for motherboards only.

Unfortunately there's also no convention as to what the term uATX PSU refers to either. It's often ATX PS/3, SFX or TFX but you need to narrow it down specifically.

Looking at online images of the power 580 the proportions of the PSU don't appear to be TFX. The easiest way to tell is to get out the tape measure and see what the length, width and height are.
As suggested, get the side off the case and have a rummage around in there. Work out all of the available space and also look at the internal cooling options - intake / exhaust spacing for fans. If space is tight or there is limited cooling potential then maybe look at changing the actual case. They’re pretty cheap unless you want to go high end
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