Upgrading PC graphics card

    Looking for some advice on what to upgrade, a little computer illiterate, so any help in simple terms would be really useful.
    Here are my specs:…aOt

    At the moment I was just thinking of getting a GTX 1060, seems like a moderate card. I'm only really looking for 1080p gaming at 60FPS, nothing at 144 or 4k resolution.
    Will my CPU bottleneck it? Will I need to overclock my CPU? My motherboard has an "OC genie" in the BIOS which supposedly auto OC's it, but will that be sufficient?


    It really depends on the game. A game like doom utilising vulcanised shouldn't be bottlenecked by the cpu at all but other games like city will do. I would go for the rx480 a bit cheaper and performs well. Especially if more games are dx12 and vulcan optimised

    CPU should be fine but if I had a 2500K I'd have it overclocked anyway. Just ensure you have a decent cooler to keep the temps down.

    What's your screen situation? In particular does your current screen support variable refresh rates (Freesync/G-sync) and are you likely to buy a new screen within the life of the card that supports it?

    Generally the RX 480 is the default mainstream choice because it supports the DisplayPort standard Adaptive Sync (which AMD markets are Freesync) rather than the nVidia-specific G-sync. G-sync is currently substantially more expensive despite not being any better (an ~£80 premium for like for like monitors and a ~£200 difference in prices for entry level screens).
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