Upgrading phone whilst still in contract.

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Found 16th May 2011
can you change a phone package whilst still in a contract that has about a year left. Wife wants to get eldest a blackberry, she was thinking of taking out a new contract but me being the tight barsteward that i am thought upgrade the phone package.
did phone virgin but think some wires got crossed and they mentioned about buying the phone and as the contract is in wifes name they would not give me too much details.
so can ya upgrade the phone but still keep the contact running without any extra charges.


yes you can but often they will offer only if high usage..and all netwoks will vary. I got it once as i said the phone i had was damaged. Worth you wife asking tho.

Yes 3months before end of your contract. Mines due in end sept early oct. But they rang other day and said i could upgrade june. Supposedly new iphone is coming june so i'll see what its like!!

Max most networks will do inside 3 months, but the closer to the end point you are the better the deals you'll get.

Might be cheaper if you're a year out to get a sim free and have the Balckberry add on put on the acc (it's called BIS and no Blackberry specific service will run with out it), most networks change a fiver for it, but you can have the data bundle taken off the acc as everything runs through BIS. So it works out about the same in most case's. . .
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