Upgrading speakers from Logitech Z4, what should i get?

Hi, basically i had the logitech Z4's but i gave them to my nephew who needed speakers, so now i need new speakers for my iMac and they need to be better than the Z4's. I would prefer a 2.1 system as 5.1 won't work on my computer. I bought the Z4's for £40, so looking to get something better but in the same price range if possible. Anyone got any ideas?



You can get the X540's. 5.1 yes, but can use matrix mode.

Logitech half price £52 delivered. Possible quidco too.

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Harman Kardon Soundsticks II are quite pricey but compliment iMacs nicely & has excellent sound quality.

Might want to look at JBL Creature II White or JBL Spyro as well.

Otherwise, you can't go wrong with Logitechs.

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Is the sound quality and bass better than the Z4's? Also what would matrix mode do, as i think my computer won't accept analogue 5.1, i think it only supports digital 5.1.


You can get the X540's. 5.1 yes, but can use matrix mode.Logitech half … You can get the X540's. 5.1 yes, but can use matrix mode.Logitech half price £52 delivered. Possible quidco too.[url=http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/logitech-x-540-5-1-surround-sound-s/726859]http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/logitech-x-540-5-1-surround-sound-s/726859[/url]

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It gets the input.. and itself puts the sound to all 5 speakers. The bass and sound is really good. Not had the Z4's but can't compare. I've had the X230's, and went to these.. alot more bass control. I can't see you being disappointed.

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codes not working for me, it's £90+ shipping

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another bump, which speaker shall i get?

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no one wants to help?

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final bump
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