Upgrading the Acer T180

    I thought I would post my experience of my T180 upgrade on here, as quite a few people will have bought one earlier in the spring when it was posted several times( got mine, base unit only from Comet for about £280).

    Firstly, I took up the Acer Vista upgrade offer (about £14), the disk did take a few months to arrive, but there were no real problems installing it, except that the Norton supplied with the PC would work - so changed it to AVG free and all was well.

    Except that the PC was much slower than with XP. So I bought the 2GB value RAM 5300 DDR2 kit from ebuyer. Struggled for a while to get 3GB RAM working, but eventually found that the new RAM needed slots 1 and 3, and the old 512MB RAM in 2 and 4 - since found out that this is the case for most 4 slot motherboards. Vista was now much faster.

    I don't play a lot of games, but I do enjoy MS flight simulator. With the integrated 6150 graphics running at 1280x1024 on an old Ilyama CRT FS 2004 the background looked like a slide show if I increased the detail levels. Time for more spend I decided (also the old screen was not ideal for watching telly (Another posted deal I bought was Tesco direct's Hauppage USB freeview box £25, which works well with Vista). So I bought the Belinea 2225W 22" screen from ebuyer that was posted here £155 delivered, together with a nVidia 7900GS (according to the excellent Toms hardware site this gives the best frame rate for
    So in summary I now have pretty good system, particularly for games at a reasonable cost - I'm not sure how it compares to some of the recent Dell bargain deals posted - Dell seemed quite pricey though when I bought the Acer back in Feb. Thanks to all the people who posted these deals, and I hope this will help some people.

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